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Camp Y.E.S. Dates


Camp 2023

July 31 - August 5 (Ages 16-19)
August 7 - August 12 (Ages 13-15)
August 14 - August 19 (Ages 10-12)
August 21 - August 26 (Ages 7-9)

For more information, contact Pastor Doug McClain:

Email Address -

Phone - (905) 741-6820

Camp Info

Our Camp Speakers
Ages 16 - 19  Pastor Eric Levielle
Ages 13 - 15  Dr. Al Stone
Ages 7 - 12    Evangelist Ed Dunlop
All camp weeks begin with drop off at 2 pm Monday and end with pick up at 10 am Saturday

Pricing starts at $200 for registration. Discounts apply for more than one camper registering from the same family.

Early Registration fees must be received by July 1st.


Regular Fee.                                Early Registration
1st Camper  -  $200                  $170
2nd Camper - $150                   $130
3rd Camper  -  $125                  $110
4th Camper  -  $100                  $90

There is NO CHARGE for campers after the 4th child from a family BUT they must still be registered online

All fees paid by  e-transfer should be sent to


The camp store (Tuck Shop) offers snacks and beverages to campers twice each day.  Average camper spending is around $25.  Tuck money may be included with registration fees or may be brought with the camper. Camp YES T-shirts ($12) and sweatshirts ($25) may be available as well.  Please designate the camper's size preference on the registration form.

Camp Requirements

What to Bring

  • Bible
  • Sleeping Bag & Pillow
  • Dress clothes/Shoes
  • Sports clothes/Shoes
  • Towels/Washcloth
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Flashlight
  • Swimsuit – Girls: Modest one-piece / Boys: Knee length  
  • Laundry Bag

What to Leave at Home

  • Cellphones
  • iPods/Mp3 players
  • iPads /Tablets
  • Electronic games
  •  Reading materials
  • NO drugs, alcohol, or tobacco will be tolerated in ANY form

Camp Standards for Dress & Behaviour

IMPORTANT note to ALL parents, guardians, campers, and staff:

The following dress standards will be enforced so PLEASE help us avoid any confrontation and embarrassment by PACKING ONLY that clothing which meets the requirements.

Willful disrespect, disregard, or disobedience to the camp standards or staff will be reason for dismissal from camp.


All Staff and Campers:

  • Clothing MUST NOT be tight or form fitting
  • All shorts and sports clothing MUST BE knee-length or longer
  • Casual clothing is the norm EXCEPT for the evening meal and chapel service when everyone is requested to dress more formally
  • ANY clothing that promotes negative or inappropriate values by printed words or pictures is NOT ACCEPTABLE
  • NO ripped or torn jeans
  • All shirts are NOT TO BE sleeveless and MUST be long enough to be fully tucked in or to fully cover the tops of pants, shorts, or skirts (NO BARE MIDRIFFS) (NO HALTER OR TANK TOPS)

Gentlemen and Boys:

  • NO low slung pants
  • Must have casual or dress pants and a belt is required for pants with belt loops
  • Track / sweat pants are not acceptable for evening meals and chapel services
  • Full shoes are required for meals, services, and outdoor competition

Ladies and Girls: 

  • NO pants or slacks
  • Shirts and blouses MUST NOT be low cut but should come to the neckline
  • ANY tights or leggings MUST be worn under knee-length skirts or shorts
  • Full shoes are required for outdoor competition and dress shoes for meals and chapel


Thank you for your deference to the camp in following these standards.

The camp director would be happy to discuss/answer any concerns or questions about these standards BEFORE the start of camp.  905-741-6820

Directions & Contact

Address: 22663 Johnston Line Rodney, ON N0L2C0 | GPS Address 22663 Johnston Line West Elgin, ON

Camp YES

22663 Johnston Line Rodney, ON N0L2C0

New Testament Baptist Church: 905-385-0293

Pastor McClain: 905-741-6820

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